Hey, Is this love…?

When I’m walking on the street

When I’m rustling up a meal

The moment right before I fall asleep

From nowhere
‘He’ pops up in my mind…(*´`*)


It’s Wasao!!!

Fuzzy fuzzy~ヽ(´▽`)/lol

Shall I go out and buy Wasao’s photobook…

Or maybe

I should get a T-shirt with Wasao’s face printed on it like his owner did…

Hmm, if they did sell something like that
I’d definitely buy one(*´∀`*)

With that
Today was a day filled with thoughts of Wasao…

Looking forward
To the movieee☆

*Wasao is a dog that gained national attention for being ‘ugly but cute’. The movie based on its story, starring Yakushimaru Hiroko and Wasao itself will hit cinemas 5th March.

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