The Snow, It’s Amazing…

Good evening

Today is Valentine’s Day~

And I…

Have been busy receiving chocolates at work
Not just today, but over the last few days…

I can’t say thank you enough

I’m starting understand how it feels to be a guy that’s popular with the girls

Amongst them
Was a rabbit-shaped chocolate that Sugarmi gave to me

My heart almost couldn’t take it…!!!

It’s so cute, I can’t possibly eat it~
Sniff. Sniff sniff.(*´ω`*)

I only ended up smiling and giggling and squeeing for a while

Inside (the rabbit) was strawberry chocolateヽ(´▽`)/lol

So delish!
Sugarmi is an angel!!!

By the way.

The chocolate I got from Yocchan*…

Well, today’s photo is actually of some chocolate.


My first reaction was ‘fear’


On the bag that the chocolates came in
Was the word ‘toad’, so I think I’d already prepared my heart for it!

But wow
It looks so real~!

Oh and by the way
The fingers you see in the photo
Are Yocchan’s☆

I laughed~(´∀`)

I broke off the tip of the toad to taste

So delicious!!


So with that
Together with the lovely chocolates I got plenty of laughs as a present

My Valentine this year was
A ‘Ria-juu’** one. (probably)

I’ll take my time to appreciate
All the chocolates I received


I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s too…☆

Happy Valentine’s!!!

*Yocchan is Hikasa Yoko. Sugarmi is Sato Satomi
**Ria-juu (リア充) is slang that refers to people who live fulfilling, sociable lives

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