Hey hey~

Sphere took part in the NHK music programme MUSIC JAPAN!

I went to the recording~ヽ(´▽`)/

This is the first time ever
That I’ve performed for such a music show
So I was all nervous in the studio…

And to my surprise

In the studio, they put together a set that resembled space
It was so sparklyyy


I got all emotional about it

And what’s more, the staff told us
‘We made this with Sphere’s image in mind~!’

Such wonderful words to hear!

Thank you
I’m so happy(*´υ`*)

And so
I may have been a little nervous but
Being around such warm staff members and with the pleasant studio atmosphere
The recording went off without any hitches!

I learnt a lot about
The thought that goes into recording a TV programme like this

Above all
It was so much fun

I’m happy

To have the support of the people from my agency
And everybody from Lantis~ヽ(´▽`)/

When the air-date is decided
I’ll make another announcement here!

Do look forward to the broadcast together with us~♪

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