Happy B

Happy Birthday

Was the 2nd anniversary of Sphere’s formation

So many things have happened
So many memories have been made

As we celebrate our ‘birthday’
It feels like time has flown by so quickly…

Although time flows constantly
Sometimes I feel that the fun times are over way too fast…

Our activities as part of Sphere
Feel like that too~(*´∀`*)

Trying to name all the happy and joyful moments
That happened since Sphere started
Would take forever, so numerous are they

Still, I think what has made me happiest
Is getting more and more opportunities to meet all you…!

All the people who I would never have met if I was on my own.

The bonds we’ve formed with all of you, the important connections we’ve made during music and lives that have passed by.

In these 2 years, the ‘ring’ we’ve widened together with all of you
Is something that Sphere takes much pride in, something that we treasure


From now on, more and more
All of you whom we love, we want to make you think ‘If it’s with Sphere, it’s gotta be fun!’

We want to be the wonderful escorts for many people
We’ll do our best, aiming to become an ikemen* unit. lol

Thank you

We’re in your hands once from now on!

With much gratitude…☆

*ikemen – good-looking men

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