Are you Ready!?

Tomorrow is
The day of the K-ON!! live!

I’ll do my best!

Filled with lots and lots of love and thanks
To the show, Yui-chan and the rest of the girls
And to all of you…


The K-ON! songs
Are packed with love from the people who made them
They’re all amazing songs

Frankly, there’re songs that aren’t easy to sing but

I’m performing as Yui-chan so
With lots and lots of support for Yui-chan
I feel I can do anything

Giita will be joining in too
It feels like I’ve attained the ultimate weapon. lol

Together, let’s have
The most fun time everrrrr

To all the people involved with K-ON!
Filled with gratitude, and so that I can go on the attack

I’ll give my all and do my best(´υ`)

Come, With, Me!!!

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