Come with Me!!

The K-ON!! live event
Come with Me!!

Was a huge successs~♪♪♪

Thank you
To all who came!

It was thanks to you
That I gained another treasure for life

Really really

This time
I wasn’t just standing on stage in the position of the main character
But I was entrusted with the task of pulling everyone together
Running from rehearsal days through to showtime

In this huge arena that accommodates more than 30,000 people…

If it was Yui-chan
Surely, she’d be casually saying ‘Wow, so huge~☆’
With a huge smile on her face, she’d just try to have as much fun as possible

And I too
When any of my other beloved members felt nervous or troubled

Like Yui-chan,
I’d try to blow all their troubles away with a smile

On the day itself
I wanted to be everyone’s Yui-chan!!!

It was a goal I set myself
Throughout the preparations
And the many smiles, headaches and impatient times



More than being good or bad
More than whether I could or could not do something

What was most important, was to give my all
That is something I learned from the show’s characters

We would love to
Be able to get as close as possible to performing like Houkago Tea Time does

Without thinking unnecessary thoughts
I just allowed myself to sing with all my heart

Whether or not it was like Yui-chan
I don’t know but

Hearing all your encouraging voices during the live

Makes us all feel
That maybe, our efforts
Are really getting through to all of you
Feeling the warmth of the crowd
Made me feel so happy…

I could truly understand
The meaning of the smiles and tears from all the members who tried their hardest
As I was always by their side

I’m really happy…!

Thank you for making it a

And fun stage!

Running around on stage with all my might
Singing together with everyone

These memories, I’ll keep them with me forever

I’ll be doing my best
For the upcoming movie

I love K-ON!

Everyone, everyone
I love you!!!

With every fibre of my being…

Thank youuuuu


To all the staff members

Thanks for the hard work

It’s down to your efforts
That we could stand on the world’s best ever stage

Sorry for being such an unreliable person

With everyone’s guidance

I had loads of fun!
(peace, peace!)

I’m really fortunate to be able to create a live stage together with all of you

Let’s make
Something together again someday…

Thank you

I’ll get some real good rest now…

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