Sweeeet Magic~

It’s been a while since I last updated~

Lately, my days have been filled with recording work
Preparations for my solo single and album are going well too…

The other day
We shot the jacket cover for SHUN PU and…

I think it turned out awesome…!!!


I can’t say too much for now but
Do look forward to it☆

Today’s photo
Shows one of the snacks I ate during recording – Mont Blanc~!


Sweets are an essential item during recordings~

Gufu, gufufu

When you eat sweeeeeet things
You become enveloped with tenderness, or so I think

And when you sing in that sort of mood
The songs will definitely have ‘happy’ written all over them

By the way, SHUN PU
Will be aired for the first time on Okaeri Radio tomorrow~

Until it reaches you
Please wait a li’l longer(^・ェ・)♪

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