Fifth Seiyuu Awards

Good evening!

At today’s
Fifth Seiyuu Awards
I received the ‘Best Female Actress’ and ‘Best Personality’ Awards!

Both of these awards
Were only made possible by your warm support
And the anime series and characters I’ve been involved with

Thank you so much

I’m just on my way home now
Having made a live appearance
On Anispa!…

I wanted to convey my thanks to all of you whom I love
Before the day was over
So I’ve just written some hasty words…

Really really
All of this is thanks to you

The shows, the characters
They made me who I am

For loving these shows along with me
Thank you

I’ve still got much more I want to say
But until I get a chance to sit down and put my thoughts into words…

Today’s photo shows
What I wore during the ceremony
A yellow-green furisode~

It’s my lucky colour
Yellow-green brings me more luck

Ehehe (*´υ`*)

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