Good evening

Tokyo, snowwwww


Everybody, please keep warm
So that you don’t catch a cold…

Talking about the Seiyuu Awards I received the other day…

Once again
Thank you so much!!!

It hasn’t been that long since I started this job but
My days have been filled with ‘learning’ and ‘feeling’

To be able to make use of my voice this way
Is something that I am always thankful for

I’m still inexperienced
So there is much more I will have to learn

There are so many times I feel that this job
Is one that truly ‘connects’

Starting from the original work
To the director, the people who work on the sound and the artists

To the people who have expectations
And who love the series

The love that each and every person who works on a production puts in
My job is to ‘connect’ to the show through my voice

When I talk on the radio
There’s a ‘connection’ between me and all of you listening in

At lives and events
There’s a ‘connection’ between all of us, sharing the same space

And to the people who help create and are devoted to wonderful shows
I must share a ‘connection’ with my senior acting colleagues

Such a wonderful wonderful
Beloved job to be involved with

In spite of my inexperience
Somehow, I have managed to be where I am today
Thanks to all of your support

Thank you

From now on too
I will continue giving my best
So I can fulfill my duty to ‘communicate’
And also
To become an actor that everyone thinks is ‘indispensible’
To pour my love into all the characters I play
I will put my utmost effort in

For bringing me out of the darkness, where I knew nothing
For carefully nurturing me

To all of you at the agency
To my manager

For the many chances I’ve been given
Thank you

One by one, I’ll pay you back for those chances
I’ll continue to do my best

So once again, I’m in your hands

And above all
If not for my father and mother
This body, from which this voice is born, would not exist…

For allowing me to do the things I wanted to do, for looking over me

Thank you

I’ll continue
Giving my all

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