To all those who are hurting

Until the sun sets
I hope that each and every person
Will be a little more relieved & that your situation has improved…

Regardless of the difficult circumstances we find ourselves in
For all the trackbacks on my blog post last night

Thank you!!!

At the very least, those of you who wrote trackbacks are safe
It calms me a little

Although what I am able to do is insignificant

I have been thinking about what I can do to help since yesterday

This is the only place I can use to communicate with all of you
So this place is where I will write

Anyway, to all of you who are reading this

The effects of the disaster
Are continuing to widen

Even in Tokyo
The aftershocks are continuing

First of all
Protect yourself
And your loved ones

Please do so


To those waiting for aid
Or those waiting for loved ones to contact them


I pray for your (and your loved ones’) safety

I am only able
To offer my prayers for you but

I am always
Listening to the information flowing in
And praying for your safety, from my heart

Even though my job is one that requires me to use my voice to communicate
I feel really upset that I am not able to do much in these circumstances

I will continue to think of what I can do

To the relief workers
And to all the other workers going out to the affected areas

Please, save as many people as you can


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