A new day has dawned
It seems the helicopters that couldn’t get to the affected areas through the night are now making their way there to provide relief

Having said that
There are still many areas that have not had their electricity and gas supply resumed

The cold, the hunger, the weariness
It is a truly dire situation

It is much, much worse
Than I could ever have imagined.

It is upsetting for me, who can only ‘imagine’
Thinking of all of you, my heart aches

I am sure
That there are so many people in so many places giving their all now
Much more than I’ll ever know

Taking this into consideration
Each and every word I write now
May sound harsh and irresponsible in their effort to offer calm
These words, I worried over them

I want everyone

To do their best.

With those feelings in my heart
I continue to pray.

Get your thoughts together.
Don’t ever give up.

More and more

I want to talk with you more
I want to smile with you more
I want to sing with you more

Therefore, please
Remain safe

To those involved with relief efforts
We put our hope in you

Amongst those of you who wrote trackback posts
There were some who are actually working to provide relief

I believe our hearts are connected as one

Thank you

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