I hope this will reach you

Good afternoon

There’s a warm spring breeze blowing through the country

Watching the news coming from the areas affected by the earthquake
My heart not just sinks
But rather, feels like it is being pierced

Do your best

Watching the TV
‘Giving my best’
Is all that I myself can do

I have thought of something that I can do

Just hang on
A little bit longer

Even though I can’t go to the disaster area
And provide physical relief

I hope that I can give ease of mind to people
From where I am now

To those who are feeling uneasy
To those who are feeling worried
To those with aching hearts

All of you
Do your best

It will be alright

Believe that you will be able to get through

On the blog post I wrote earlier
I mentioned that what I am able to do is insignificant

I take that back

Even if to a single person, even if just by a little bit
If my words are able to provide comfort

If my words
Give your hearts resolve

Then there is meaning to them

So to those who are not as affected by the events
There are things you can do right now
Things only you can do

To all of you whom I love
Doing something with all your heart for somebody else

That is something that can never be thought of as meaningless
Nothing at all

Together, let’s do our best
Let’s be of help to everyone else

By the way
To all those living in the Kanto region

The train schedules are in a disarray at the moment

To those who are going outside
Take care

I will
Continue to write

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