Are you alright?

Night will fall soon but
Is your heart alright?

Amongst the many letters that I have received
Many of the senders were from the Tohoku area

I worry about the safety
Of each and every one of you

As I line up the letters
I can feel the warm feeling of the words written on them

Now, right at this moment
I wish I could reply to every single one of them…

I pray
That all of you are safe

And now, all of us who are alive
Should just treasure ‘life’

I really want
To see all of your smiles as soon as possible

Even so

Our handshake event that was to be held on the 20th has now been cancelled

To those who were looking forward to it
We are really sorry

Personally, it was to have been my first handshake event in some time
And I was looking forward to it very much

So I am naturally disappointed

I wanted to meet each one of you
To say a few important things to all of you

But as the aftershocks continue in Tokyo

The most important thing
Is to consider your safety
And that is the reason this decision was made

I hope
That you will understand

Thank you

To all of you who we should have been seeing this weekend
I’m really sorry

I hope that there will be many more chances for us to meet
When the chaos in Tokyo
And other situations have calmed down a little more

I’ll do my best

To all of you
Who are continuing to do your best

In spite of the dark
In spite of the cold
It must be scary

But please remember
You are not alone

There are many people out there
Thinking of you

At the very least
I’m thinking of you

So don’t forget
And keep believing

Let there be
Warmth in your heart

And tomorrow
We’ll do our best again

To everyone who’s posted trackbacks

I have been encouraged and soothed
To read all of your words

All of you
Are wonderful people

You are my pride

I shall continue
Doing whatever I can

Thank you!

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