I’ve been continuing to read your trackback posts

And gaining strength from them

Everyone’s circumstances are different
Not just (talking) about the earthquake, but many other things too

For example

Has different things that are important to them
But you’re all doing your best in your own way

I do
Read every single one of your trackbacks

And I can say here
That I’m crying with you, being relieved as you are, worrying like you

There’s just so much
Warmth that I’m receiving (from all of you)

For me to be able to communicate with you this way
Makes me truly happy

Thank you

There are some of you who are worried about me but

I’m alright!

I’m really really happy
That you would feel this way

And you too
Please don’t overdo things

It’s because all of you are here
That I can give my best

People like you
I’m sure you’re surrounded by others who will look out for you

I hope that tomorrow
Will be a much more wonderful day than today for you

See you tomorrow


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