Since last night
I have been watching the news concerning the nuclear reactors

It seems
There are so many worrying things happening

And there must be
So many people anxious about the situation

Like all of you
I too

Have been feeling restless

Watching this morning’s news and interviews
The thought occured to me
That I should go home to see my parents for a while
Before the situation gets worse

Whenever I get in touch with them
I start to get very confused, trying my best to focus
And thoughts play out in my head

But still
Considering all the words I have been writing on this blog up ’til yesterday

Have a lot to be thankful for
And I am in a position to ‘communicate’

To those working in the media industry
To those who make music
To those who create works of art, those who take photographs

Although our roles are different
Let’s continue to ‘communicate’

I too
Must make sure I continue to smile

To continue doing my best with everyone else
To continue ‘communicating’ as much as I can, whenever I can

Tokyo, the place where I am now
Is where I shall remain

So with that
I’m still here in the capital

The earthquakes, aftershocks and the nuclear situation
Are scary

And I continue to worry
About our well-being

It’s alright.

It’s in times like these
That people should be kind to others.

It’s in times like these
That you should see the love, hopes and dreams before you

See everything in the world that’s before your eyes
Think of the many beautiful things, line them up…

Wouldn’t it be wonderful
If we could all share these things together?

It is with these thoughts in my mind
That I am now writing this blog


Reading all the trackback posts
There are so many who have been making donations as well as fund-raising

It warmed my heart to see this

If any of the victims
Were to pass by this blog
I would love to let them know of all this (positivity)

I hope that these feelings will reach them

When you’re talking about monetary or other types of contributions
There is no difference between ‘big’ or ‘small’

So definitely
The words that you say
Could never be thought of as gossip or hypocrisy

The words that are filled with your feelings
They are priceless and wonderful above all

So together with those feelings
I hope that relief will reach those who need it as soon as possible

Let’s give our all
And search for that something we can do


Actually, today is
The release day of Sphere’s 2nd album spring is here

The album is filled with positive songs
Happy songs, that are just what Sphere songs should be like

The photos, the lyrics and the melodies
As the title suggests, it is as if spring has come
It is an album filled with warmth

It appears that the weather will be slightly colder throughout the country today

Spring will be here soon

It will definitely come

Let’s continue doing our best

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