Welcome back

Good evening

Or maybe this morning, if you were listening to the repeat broadcast

To the people who managed to say ‘I’m home!’ on Okaeri Radio

Thank you

I read all of your mails one by one
And amongst the senders, I saw many pen-names that I’m familiar with

Aah, you’re all safe.
I feel relieved

I had been feeling worried due to the power cuts yesterday
That left a bit of a question mark hanging over whether the show would go ahead or not but

I really did think
That it was important to communicate with all of you
Through this live broadcast

To get the opportunity to leisurely chat with all of you for an hour
As I usually do

I think that might have
Given a sense of ‘peace’ to all of you

For your kind mails

I got plenty of mail
From people living in the Tohoku area too

Your words managed to reach me safely
And you got your feelings across properly

So have no worries

The circumstances may be different but
For spelling your feelings out through these difficult times

Thank you

Amongst the mails
Were those written by people who weren’t sure if they could tune in
And those who really wanted to, but couldn’t manage to listen to the show

But hey
It’s alright

If it’s not this week
Then make it next week

And if you can’t tune in next week
Then make it the week after

I’ll always
Be waiting for you

Just say ‘I’m home’
Whenever you wish

Slowly, gently.
In a manner that’s like Okaeri Radio

It’s gonna get chilly tonight but
Don’t lose!

See you tomorrow

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