The Moon is Bright and Beautiful

Good evening

Mr.Moon is so full and round tonight
I wonder if it’s a full moon?

When you turn off electrical goods to conserve power
You start to notice things you didn’t before
And I saw how the moonlight is so effortlessly gentle

I hope that where you are, the moon
Is as bright and gentle as the moon as I’m seeing
I hope its gentleness reaches you

I have a little announcement for all of you

Tomorrow, from 1pm
Mieru Pl@net Sphere will be broadcast on ustream

It’s a live broadcast
Through the internet

The broadcast URL is

You can watch it on as well

We’re going to do our best
To shower you with gifts of Sphere’s spirit and music

I’m sure there’re some of you
Who can’t watch the broadcast this time

But be reassured that
We’ll be thinking of you through tomorrow’s broadcast too

We’ll be thinking of you

Never ever
Forget that

Since beginning this job that allows me to ‘communicate’

To ‘think’ strongly about someone or something
And I think that these thoughts are something that ‘linger’*


(Something that) lingers
Somwhere, you’re definitely connecting with (something)
That is what I think

Be it one or many
We hope that through our cheerfulness, we can send out power and love
To as many people as possible

Naturally, I’m doing this
On a personal level
And as part of Sphere

Do your best
Do your best

We’re with you all the way

I hope that tonight
You will dream wonderful dreams

And tomorrow
A day that’s even more wonderful than the one you had today
Will stop by to visit

Step by step, little by little
We’ll strive to make every tomorrow a better day

Let’s put a smile on our faces tomorrow

See you

*Yeah, I don’t get what she’s saying either.

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