A Sphere You Can See

Mieru Pl@net Sphere,
Broadcast on ustream

Is now safely over

For those who tuned in
Thank you very much

The decision to stream this show was made
After thinking that surely, there was something we could do, something we could say

As you would have seen
We are all doing fine

And we wanted
To spread as much of that cheer around as possible

After all, we always receive
Plenty of ‘power’ from all of you

Always always
It’s because of you
That we are here

And we give thanks for that
Every day

Your sadness
Is our sadness

If you’re feeling downhearted
We’ll try to give you some of our cheerfulness

And if upon that
You’re able to smile once again

That would be the ‘sphere’ that Sphere represents

From now on
All of us
Will strive to do whatever we can
And continue searching for things we can do

Even if you’re feeling lonely
Please don’t forget
You’re not alone

Like we conveyed in today’s show

We are always
Thinking of you

From now on too
Forever, unchanging

We too
Were happy to have connected with you

Thank you

Let’s continue
To live on tomorrow

I hope that
You’ll have plenty to smile about tomorrow…

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