Light of the Heart

Good evening

So it seems that beautiful moon we saw the other night
Was the one called ‘Super Moon’

It’s a very rare occurence and is
Something that turns up only once every 20 years

And as the name would suggest
It shone really brightly


With the recording sessions
And other work that had been postponed now getting back on track
I’m doing my best everyday

While praying that everybody will continue smiling

I was involved in the making of a wonderful production

I hope that

We’ll be able to show you
The fruits of our labour really soon…

I felt quite a few tremors in Tokyo

And I started getting worried about all of you

So everybody
Please do take care

And remember
To conserve electricity

I talked about this
On the radio show as well but

Lately, the illuminations and brightly-lit advertisement boards have been turned off

The city I should have been familiar with
Is now shrouded in darkness


When the streets darken
For the people who are there at that moment
Remember that electricity is being conserved for the benefit of all

In your heart
Shines plenty of gentle, warm light

Don’t be afraid

Even if the city is dark
All around you and me
Is overflowing compassion

Tomorrow too,
Be kind to others

I hope
It’s a cheerful day for you

See you tomorrow.

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