Dreams, Gently.

I will be taking part
In a charity event named ROOTOTO (sic)

Musicians & photographers
Designers & actors…
Different people from different fields will be getting together
To provide illustrations on white tote bags and auctioning them off for charity
It’s a project that’s filled with love!

The theme I’ve been given for my illustration
Is ‘Dreams, Gently.’
So that all the children in the world will always have smiles on their faces
That they’ll always dream wonderful dreams
This is the prayer I prayed as I drew (my illustration)
Actually, if you look at it closely
You’ll see Yodaremushi hiding in there
So whilst having fun, I managed to complete this one-of-a-kind hand-illustrated totebag!

You can find out more about these tote bags on the following sites:

ROOTOTE.jp (here or here)

I drew this with all my heart
So I’d be really glad if lots of people would go check it out

Thank you

And hey, today is Sunday

How are you spending the day?

It’s a really fine day in Tokyo
And early in the morning, I already had The Beatles’s Sunday* playing on my AkiPod

When I was young
I used to go to Mr.Donut on Sunday mornings

They played a lot of Beatles music in-store

So when I listened to the song now
I suddenly feel like eating donuts

It’s just
That kinda Sunday

I hope that today
Is another wonderful day for you…

*I have no idea what song Aki is referring to…maybe Good Day Sunshine? AFAIK the Fab Four never released any track called Sunday (or Sunny Day). Here Comes The Sun? I’ll Follow the Sun (surely not, lol)?
**I also leave in any spelling errors made by Aki deliberately.

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