“Here you go.”

Good evening

Today was another busy working day
And I’ve just returned home

Something happy occurred

In the train
I sat next to a little girl…

She was staring intently
At the Yodaremushi strap on my mobile phone

Suddenly, she grabbed hold of it

And held onto it with all her might.

Her mom apologised profusely but
I was really happy about it anyway
Made me feel all warm & fuzzy


Up ’til then
Was the happy episode but

What happened next…

The little girl
Held Yoda tightly in her hands
And fell asleep…!


I did think
Of just removing the strap and giving it to her but

Was it really OK to hand over
This rather worn out and dirty, weird-looking mascot character
As a present to her…!?

If I screw up
Her mom might end up thinking I’m a scary person

Oh dear, what should I do…!!

Just as those thoughts were running through my head
The little girl suddenly opened her eyes and said

“Here ya go.”

She handed over the bizarre mascot in her hands
To me, as a present…

All’s well that ends well.

So today
With such a fluffy happening
I’m feeling warm all over now

Today, Tokyo
Was just a little bit warmer

I hope that tomorrow
Will be a day that brings us closer to spring

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