Hana Saku Iroha

Tonight, from 10pm

Hana Saku Iroha

Will start airing!

In this show
Starting from the protagonist Ohana-chan
All the charming characters get to show off
Their strong, never-say-die spirit

I myself
Voice a character named Oshimizu Nako

Is a girl that works in a ryokan in the anime’s setting of Ishikawa prefecture

She’s actually a very reliable person
Although a bit shy and quiet
She’s a very down-to-earth girl…

Every week during recordings, I always think so
Even as more and more characters start coming into the story
All of them are so human, such intimate characters

They have their awkward sides to them
‘Ahh, there’s such people out there too.’
It’s a very warm show, full of love

Please do
Spend this springtime
Laughing & worrying together with Ohana-chan and her friends

The ending theme is Sphere’s Hazy

The lyrics this time
Are written by nano.RIPE’s Kimiko

Through this show and through Sphere too, we are linked together

The lyrics written for us are truly wonderful

Together with the animation
Please look forward to it

I’ll leave
Hana Saku Iroha in your hands

…by the way

I watched
Music Japan in the recording studio

As soon as recording had ended
I looked at the clock…

Just in time☆

Of course, both during the actual recording
And watching the playback
I learned lots and lots…

And also, Nana-sama rules! lol

See ya~

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