The Excitement, Starts!

Good evening

Today, now!
I’m going to talk about anime for a bit…

The first trailer for the anime LAST EXILE~Ginyoku no Fam~
In which I voice the character Fam Fan Fan
Started airing today~!

I’ve been looking forward to the show very much
Right from the day I went for, and passed, the auditions


In the PV, you can hear
Just a couple of lines of dialogue

Please do go and take a look~

Now now

Tomorrow, on the 9th of April
At 9:30am on TV Tokyo
Jewel Pet Sunshine will begin its broadcast

I am voicing a character named Angela in the show

Angela is an alpaca Jewel Pet~

It’s really cute and cheerful so
Please watch the show!


There’s still loads and loads
Of things I want to tell you but
I’ll just end it here for today~

See you


This has no real relevance to anything but
A little game I’ve been playing recently…

Yui: Yuuui~, it’s springtime isn’t it.
Mr.Early Spring: Did you call me?

…so, I’ve been talking to myself

Tomorrow, it seems Tokyo will be seeing some rain!

For those who are able to
Do try to tune in to OkaRaji! within AniSpa~♪


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