May Issue

The issue of Seiyuu Animedia that
Is on sale now
Has lots of photos, lots of interviews
Lots of articles that I feature in~

Most of these (interviews)
Center upon my new single SHUN PU, which goes on sale the day after tomorrow~

When I saw the final article
“Wow! Close up!” was my surprised reaction

It’s something that’s never happened before
So please do check out this Close-Up Aki~

And of course, there’s also
The usual Akizukan and Sphere columns
As well as a special Sphere feature…

This month
I (we) seem to be
All over the place

And what’s more!

Next month
I’ll be on the front cover of the magazine!!!

It’s the first time in my life that
I’ve been featured on the front cover of a magazine by myself…

The photos have already been shot but
When we did them – we had a very warm, fun time

I’m really looking forward
To seeing how the photos and interview turns out~☆

But for now,
It’s the May issue of the magazine!

Please do
Check it out~


And in Seiyuu Grand Prix
I’ve been taking part in photoshoots for that exciting feature, Hair-Change!!

Trying out hairstyles that I never have before in my entire life…

An attempt at long, black hair with bangs(!)! lol

Since I’ve spent most of my life
With a short cut

(I wanted to try out) a much admired long hairstyle~

Girly, girly!

Stroking such long hair that I don’t normally have a chance to
It ended up a really fun and fresh photoshoot~

This time, I had to wear a full wig but
Long hair…it’s really heavy, isn’t it…!

The moment I took the wig off
After the photoshoot
I could literally feel my head getting lighter

Once again
To all of the girls with long hair out there, you’re amazing!
Much respect and admiration goes out to you. lol

Please please
Do check out this rare, long-haired Aki~♪


The real(?) me is in the salon, getting my hair permed…

My hair is naturally curly anyway but
People don’t seem to notice that I get a perm on top of a perm…

This time
I’m gonna say it on this blog myself YEAH!

At the live this weekend~
I’m going to look old-fashioned…lol

So with that
This blog post seems to have gone south from the original topic about magazines but

This weekend, Permanently Permed Aki
Will be incredibly happy to see all of you~

Honya honya.

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