Fourth single!

On the 13th of April

Toyosaki Aki’s 4th single
SHUN PU will be releasedddd


Finally, finally
It’s going to be released…!

This time
SHUN PU is composed by Tsuji Ayano

And the c/w
KARA-KURI DOLL by Taniyama Hiroko!

Both of them
Are amongst my most favourite artists,,,!

Both songs are wonderfully written songs filled with love

So with that
I’ve gained another important treasure!

Both songs
Have been ‘kept warm’ for a long time
The preparations and recording involved as we approached the release date

And above all
We have been patiently awaiting
This day that we can bring these songs to you…

I think I’ll leave the detailed talk
’til tomorrow

To all of those who already have the CD in their hands
I sang the songs with much gentleness in my heart
Hoping that it would become as much of a treasure for you (as it is for me)

So do please
Give it a listen
In your own time and place

Thank you


By the way
The rabbit I’m cradling (on the cover of SHUN PU)
Is from the Netherland Dwarf family

Apparently, it symbolizes springtime

During the shoot
It behaved really, really well
Even when I was holding it
Its body was all warm and fluffy~…

And so, please pay attention to, and be healed by
This lovely li’l rabbit
(I gave it the name ‘Nezao’)~

See you tomorrow☆

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