Good evening

We’re able to celebrate the safe release of Toyosaki Aki’s 4th single SHUN PU

First of all
To you, who has been supporting me all this while

Thank you

That I am able to pursue a career in the wonderful field of music that I love so much
In this way

Everything is because of
All the anime and characters I have been involved with
And all of you, who’ve been supporting me

Always, thank you

Starting from the recording
To the jacket photography & music video shoots

Each and every part of the production process
Was filled with many tender feelings

Spring is
A season of encounters and separations
It really is a season
Filled with new beginnings

At such a time
I hope that this song will be
Something that echoes oh so gently in the ears of listeners

That is the thought going through (our) minds when we made this song

May the wonderful melody and lyrics
Spun by the hand of Tsuji Ayano
Bring you memories of your loved ones

By the way
For the music clip

One of its themes is the feeling of ‘being by your side’

For everyone who watches this video,
To those beside and in front of you
Try to sing, try to smile…

The director requested of me
To display as natural an expression as I could
Everytime the camera was near

Matching the song
‘Being by your side…’
Is what I hope that you will feel when you watch it

Together with SHUN PU
May your spring be
A wonderful time…!

I’ll probably talk about the c/w track
When I next get a chance….

Last but not least

Starting from all the people at Music Ray’n
To all the other staff members involved in the making of this single

To be able to sing these songs
Being surrounded by all of you lovely people
Is a true blessing for me

That we’ve been able to make it to this release date safely
Is down to all of you…

From now on
I’ll do my best
To pay you back little by little

Thank you so much!!!

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