We connected.

I’m home.

Spring Party is HERE!

The live is safely over
And I’m now back home

First of all
To everyone who came

Thank you very much!

Anyway, for today
Just sit back and relax, take it slow…

I will never forget
What happened today
For the rest of my life

Everyone’s feelings
Your smiles

So many overflowing
‘Tender feelings’

It touched my heart

Lots and lots
Of thoughts in my heart
That they might overflow

For having created this wonderful time together
Thank you

Eventhough the day has already ended
I just wanted to say a word of thanks to you

When I get my thoughts in order
I’ll talk about them once again
On this blog

We prepared for this live
Thinking of it as something that we could do in these times
To bring you smiles and give you energy
To bring warmth to your heart

Your sparking smiles
And your great effort in trying to reach out your hands to us

During the live
I visualized myself returning the favour
By reaching out and touching each one of your hands

I pray
That these (feelings) will reach many of you…

Thank you for today

I’ll write more
About the live


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