Good evening!

To all the people who stopped by at sphere’s live
Spring Party is HERE!! the other day…

Once again
Thank you

I had a lovely, wonderful time
With all of you who are so dear to me

The live this time was made possible
By your cooperation

More than before
All of us came together as ‘one’
To prepare for this live

Taking into consideration the many possibilities based on the current situation
We decided to hold the live

‘What can we do now?’
That was the thought we had in our minds
And together, we came to this conclusion

To you who is always giving us your support
You might have been crying
You might have been feeling down
You might have been feeling very uneasy…

During such times
What we can do do
Is to bring smiles to you, be it just one person or to many

(Sending out our) voice, that is what we do

There are many ways of thinking
And we always say this but
This is one of the ways we can give shape to the gratitude we feel to all of you

To those who couldn’t come to the live too

We hope that our ‘united’ feelings from the live hall could reach you

During the live
Seeing all your smiles
Made me feel happy from the bottom of my heart

It’s something I’ve always understood but
Being able to see all of you during lives
It’s something that’s common, but at the same time feels like a miracle
That is the thought that passed through my mind once again

All of you
Are important to me

All of you who run to me
I love you

This time, all of you who gathered together
With sphere, you gave us something (to do)

All of you
Are kind people

You are of course
A customer
But also our comrades

Thank you
For creating this live together with us

Thanks for your cooperation!!!

Like the power that connects
I hope that I will be connected to more people’s smiles…

Thank you very much!!!


To all the staff members

Truly, thank you

To all the people at our agency who made sure this live went ahead
I’m grateful to you

For pushing us on
For giving us chances
Thank you

Once again I feel that I’m really fortunate
To be a member of your team

I’ll do my best from now on too
So I leave myself in your hands once again

*It’s posts like this that make me want to quit translating Aki’s blog. Sorry it doesn’t make sense. Because Aki doesn’t make sense.

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