Kyukyura, Pakyukyura

Good afternoon

Was released last week…

I’m going to talk about
The c/w track KARA-KURI DOLL~

I think some of you will already have heard this but

This song
Was written like a story
And has a fairly shocking ending

A female doll that’s fallen in love with a human…

Knowing that there’s no way it can return to what it was before, the doll asks a sorcerer to turn it into a human being…

As for the ending
Please find out by listening to the song! lol

Is full of the spice of Taniyama Hiroko’s style

It’s a mature story turned into a song~

Wonderful! Wonderful!

When I make music using the name Toyosaki Aki
More than ‘singing’, I want to ‘tell a story’

Being by your side, next to you
I’d love to sing songs that feel like I’m talking to you…

That was what I thought
While I was recording the song

It was the same for Nani ka ga Sora o Tondekuru
The songs that Taniyama Hiroko has written for me
They’re lovely songs that tell an entire story by themselves

I got really absorbed in the story of the song
And I had a lot of fun singing it

When recording Taniyama-san’s songs
I feel my singing is particularly natural and light
Strange, so strange…

It’s a completely different direction from SHUN PU but
I’d love for you to listen to both songs as much as possible


Tonight, at 10:30pm it’s
Okaeri Radio time~

I’d love to be able to talk more
About the live, and to read your mails~

Those who went to the live
And of course, those who couldn’t make it
I’ll try to describe the live so that it seems like you were there yourself!

So please come to my room and say ‘I’m home!’

I’ll be waiting for you~☆

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