Connect, connect

After work

I got a call saying
‘The album’s mastering is done~!’

Just a little more
And the album will
Be in your hands~


Together with my favourite artists
And my favourite staff members

It was made
With much love and effort

Each and every sound and word
Is filled with memories

All the songs are wonderful so
You’ll definitely find one that you like…!

Even the jacket photos and other visuals
A lot of thought and attention to detail
Is going into the design (and other processes)

It’s still a work in progress at the moment~☆

This is the first album
That we’re making together…

I’ve been doing my best
To get involved in whatever area I can

It’s an album
That will

The only one in the world

Me and
The album that will be in your hands soon is

Nearly complete~

Look forward to it!!!

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