Thanks, Mitsudomoe

Everyone, good evening

MitsudomoFes Zoryochu!

Amidst the warm voices of support from everyone who came, the show is now safely over

Both in the afternoon
And at night

We had a great, lively time!!!

I feel very fortunate
To have created a stage where we can feel everyone’s love for Mitsudomoe~

This time
I didn’t just take part in the event as the voice behind Yoshioka Yuki-chan (whose charm point is her eyebrows)

I also chaired the event

As I described during the opening
Singing, smiling, crying – it was stage full of variety

This and that

To the entire cast, from Ayahi-chan, Ake-chan and Haru-chan who voice the triplets to Shimono-san who voices Yabecchi

The passionate staff members, who have a great love for Mitsudomoe

And above all, to all the fervent fans
It’s all thanks to you
I do feel that, deep in my heart

Whether you’re an adult or a child
Sometimes, you just want to pour your heart into doing something stupid
Having fun to your heart’s content

At the end, you wanna be smiling
You wanna cheer somebody up…

That too, is
One of the elements of our job
I really do think it’s an important role for us

Seeing so many smiles
Made me happy!!!

For me to be involved with a show that has been made with so much love
I’m truly blessed…!

Eyebrow-girl Yoshioka-chan
Is so cute, I love her…lol

Thanks so much, everybody

Since you gave your all (during the live)
Please take a good rest…

Today’s photo shows
What I received during the surprise graduation ceremony held at night
A graduation certificate…!

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