By Myself, But Not Alone

Good evening~

I’m on the cover
Of this month’s issue
Of Seiyuu Animedia!

Have you seen it yet~?

It’s the first time in my life that
I’m on the front cover of anything

For me
A lot of thought went into this issue

Even the Seiyuu Animedia logo
That I’m so used to seeing
Was allowed to be printed in my favourite green colour

What’s more
A supplementary deluxe clear file was included!?


(My) grandma is so happy she’s crying. lol

When I was handed the printed copy of the magazine
I was really happy to see so much attention paid, even to the minutest of details

I’m really grateful…!!!

Seiyuu Animedia-san!
Also, to editor M-san, who’s been in charge of me since my debut!

Thank you so much
For letting me be on the cover

And above all
To you, who’s always supporting me!

To the shows I’ve been in, the characters I’ve voiced
It’s because of you that I am who I am

Thank you, always

I did mention this earlier but
This habit I developed from my time spent hosting radio shows

I love reading the letters page
I get all excited every month reading all the mails sent in

It’s always fun to see
How people reading the same magazine
Can share the same love for an anime

It makes me feel that so many things are made possible because of this

So everything
Has happened because of you

And in this sense
I may be on the cover by myself

But it’s with all your thoughts
And your support
That makes me feel that it’s not just me that’s on the cover
You’re all on the cover too


From now on too
With this feeling of wanting to repay the kindness you’ve shown me
I will give my all
To create ‘something’ that will bring joy to you


Oh and~

The interview this time
Mainly focuses on my upcoming album

I haven’t talked about it on the blog yet but
I’ve been interviewed by various parties (about the album)
So do please have a look at them

I love interviews where I review the tracks one-by-one
It’s loads of fun

So when the album is released
Do listen to the songs and read the articles at the same time~

Ah I wish I could
Get the album to you as soon as possible

Look forward to June~

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