Hazy is released!

Good evening!

Today is the release date
Of sphere’s 7th single Hazy~

Hazy is the ending theme for the anime Hana Saku Iroha
Which both me and Haru-chan are also involved as part of the cast!

The show revolves around a group of young working girls
Delicately drawing a story about their ‘life-sized’ worries & stories

So for sphere
We tried as best as we could to get to the heart (of the show)

Making Hazy a song
That emphasized simplicity and naturalness

Do enjoy Hazy
Along with the anime~

Taking all of that into consideration
(Hazy) provided a fresh challenge for us this time…

And for me
Was something I’ve never heard from sphere up until now

And each one of us
Definitely put our all into the recording

I think it’s really really important to have your own dream, and run towards it.

Though at times
You may stop to look over your shoulder
And it’s OK, to (stand there and) feel the breeze blowing too.

This song
Is trying to get that kind of message across
And that’s why I approached recording with gentle feelings

I hope that for you
Hazy can be

A source of strength…

Please listen to it loads~☆

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