Not being able to wait ’til tomorrow, I think that’s love.


Finally finally finally~~~

Tomorrow, the 1st of June
love your life, love my life
Will be releaaaaaaased!!!

As for how I’m feeling right now…

The lyrics of Hello, Allo, the first song on the album
Pretty much tells the whole story

I was nodding my head along to the music
Agreeing with all of the lyrics. lol

Do listen to it!


To be able to record my own album
And safely see it through to the day of release

Is like a dream come true…(´`)

Everything, everyone

To the people who have been cheering for me, supported me, watched over me, pushing me forward
Not anyone else, but ‘you’
It’s all down to you

Thank you so much


It’s also thanks to this precious job of mine
As a seiyuu

I never once thought
That someone like me
Would be able to fashion music with my own two hands

It’s only with the help of many, oh so many people
And the support from all of you
As well as the shows and characters I’ve met so far

That allowed love your life, love my life to be born

Though this album doesn’t have any character songs on it
The various feelings I’ve experienced since I started this job
Together with all of you whom I’ve met, and all my beloved characters

Using all of these as a foundation
As I listened and looked back, it made me think that once again

That’s why
The title (of the album) is love your life, love my life

This is an album
That you and I made together~


May this album be precious to
The you that is represented by the ‘your’ part of the title…!

Listen to it lots~!

I leave myself in your hands!

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