love your life, love my life
Has made it to its release date safely~!!!

First of all

To the many people
Who had a hand in making this album
Whether it was by being directly involved or just providing a listening ear

Thank you so much


I love you!

Without you
I would never have made it to this day

Really, really

I have so many things I want to say to you
Each and every day

Turning ’round and changing shape
Jammed so tightly that it might overflow

The one word to sum that all up
Would be either ‘Thanks’ or ‘Love!’ but

It’s a bit different~, something that’s much, much warmer
Something that can’t be described with just one word…

Thinking about that
Reflecting upon myself

It’s an album that was spun with utmost effort

From the start

My singing skills are still very much raw
So when I was given the chance to sing

At the time

It’s because of this job
It’s because I’m me
I felt that I wanted to use ‘sound’ to create something, to convey a message

Even if I couldn’t produce a vocal that was ‘cool’
Riding on the melody, with an image of sending a gentle message across

No matter the song, I would sing it
And so I sang them

Being watched over by so many people
It’s the memories, experiences and meetings, more than the process of giving it shape
That makes up this album

It’s filled with love, lots of love

Please have lots of fun
Listening and watching


Since I originally wanted to tell you ‘thank you’
In various ways

I hope that somehow, it will reach you….



To all the artists who offered such wonderful songs

To all the musicians

To everyone at Music Ray’n

To everyone who was in any way involved
In the making of this album

I’m really blessed to have had this chance
To create something together with all of you

With all my heart
Thank you

From now on
I’m going to sing with great, great care, cherishing it


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