And so, it begins

Starting tomorrow
Toyosaki Aki’s 1st concert tour
love your live!! begins

Without realising it
Half of 2011 is already over

‘I’ve tried really hard~’
‘I’m feeling a bit tired lately~’
‘I feel like I need some time out~’

To people feeling that way
I want this to be a time where you can loosen your shoulders and be soothed

So I prepared for this live
Filled with warm feelings

Tomorrow’s venue
Is Nakano Sunplaza Hall

My first solo live event
Was held there this past January
So it’s a place filled with memories for me

And in that same place tomorrow
I’m gonna do my best
To show you lots of the Aki World

Here’s wishing that the you of tomorrow
Will be smiling

As the days go by
The unpleasantness, the pain
Your worries, your tears

At tomorrow’s concert
I hope I can help to ease and soothe (your troubles)…

With all my heart
I await you

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