love your live! First day!

My concert tour love your life
Started today

The first day was at Nakano Sunplaza Hall
Thanks to all of you
Both the afternoon and night sessions are safely over

Lots of thanks

Thank you so much!

For the tour this time
I wanted to make everyone feel relaxed
And to feel cheered up

I was aiming to make it a gentle, gentle live

And for today, the first day of the tour
What I personally got out of it
Was that with the help of everyone present at the hall
I was able to make it a truly happy, warm time for everyone

All of this is possible
Because you are there

The many reasons I can take action
They all start from you, and all of the beloved people who support me
It’s because of your presence and your voices (that I can act)
I honestly think so

Thank you!!!

All the love I received today
I will take with me and put my best foot forward for the Nagoya live!

In haste
A simple greeting…

Thank you so much!!!

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