Now that a new day has dawned

I start to think back
On yesterday’s lives

I was really happy
To have had the most awesome, happiest time with all of you
During both the afternoon and night sessions

From my heart
Thank you very much

Along with those warm feelings

To be honest
There’s something I personally view as the ‘issue’ of this concert

Since for each concert, it’s a ‘one-time only’ event…

That very time, that very moment
Will never be repeated again

That’s why
It’s something that’s so precious and irreplaceable
Something that shines

I want to treasure
This ‘now-or-never’ time I spend with you

And at this venue
Having ‘remaining issues’ might be a little discourteous to the audience but…

(Having said that, when I think about it
No matter what event, be it during a Sphere live too
Each time, I will think ‘I want to do this next time!’ or ‘I’ll try harder so I can do it that way!’
Those are the kind of thoughts that come after a live….)

Despite that
For all of you who came
And watched over me with so much warmth
In turn overwlems me with emotion

To all the band members
To the power of music
And above all, to all of you who saved me with your love
I am full of gratitude

To every single person who came to the Tokyo shows

I love you (´ω`)

Really, thank you so much!

As the starting point of
My first concert tour

I’ll digest the lessons learnt here
And keep the love I received from you yesterday close to my heart
So that I can continue to do my best

This weekend
Is the Nagoya live!

So at Nagoya
I hope I can bring to you another stage that only you and I can create…


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