I Love Nagoya

love your live in Nagoya

The show’s safely over
And I’m back in Tokyo now~

To everyone who stopped by
Thank you so much

Really, everyone
Was so warm, so gentle
You were such an awesome audience

That’s why
I love this city

Thank you
For making love your live with me

It’s because of you that I can stand on this stage
It’s because of you that I’ve gained so many irreplaceable memories…

That moment we all sang SHUN PU together…

I will never, ever forget it

It was a voice that would never have been possible
Without the presence of every single person who came today

From my heart
I thank you

Which reminds me
The MC halfway through
That little carefree talk
Where I mentioned how glad I was that it didn’t rain
But after the concert ended, when I looked outside
It was raining, raining, raining…

So everyone
Please don’t catch a cold

That is
What worries me most…

Please get a good rest

To all of ‘you’ I met in Nagoya
With lots of gratitude…



By the way, when I was travelling home by shinkansen
I ate tenmusu*!

So awsm!!!

I, Love, Nagoya (´ω`)☆

*tenmusu – tempura in an onigiri

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