I accumulated loadsa points.

From the window seat in one of my favourite cafes,
Watching the hydrangea approaching full bloom
I thought to myself ‘Do your best, do your best~’

But then, fleetingly

I recalled that at this time last year
I was thinking exactly the same thoughts

Whether good or bad
The way my train of thought never seems to get derailed
Loosens me up a little bit…

Anyway, today~

I bought
A bunch of CDs I was keen on


That moment when I’m able to get my hands on clothes or CDs that I wanted to

It gets me really pumped up.

I may end up looking stupid at that time but
Somehow, it makes me feel like
Skipping around on my feet. lol

At that time

I was browsing around the music magazine section
All the publications I read seem to be kept in random places
(Of course, I only browse them with the intention to purchase. lol)

And suddenly!
I came across a magazine feature on love your life, love my life!!

It came with comments that were a bit ‘spicier’ than usual
My heart actually beat a little faster…lol

But still, a lot of happy things were written in there too
So it ended up making me feel all fluffy anyway (for the 2nd time today)

Seeing myself in the pages
Of music magazines I normally read
It still feels surreal but at the same time, it makes me happy
And that, was the story of my day…

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