Swaying, Gently

Good morning

Yesterday (or rather, today)
Was the airdate of Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai…


There’re still some places where the show hasn’t aired
So I can’t say too much about the content but

Are you enjoying
The Jun-sensei route…?

I did my best to convey
Gentle, kind-heartedness and her earnestness

Come to think of it

For the characters I voice
I have this habit of imagining their traits that aren’t covered by the anime or the original source material

There’re plenty of hints in their lines and the way they’re drawn

So I’ll just think…’This is what xxx would have done at home~’
Or ‘xxx must have been like an xxx when she was young~’, things like that

I really love
This art of imagination

In Jun-sensei’s case
I’d probably think about her future…

This being Jun-sensei
From now on, she’ll probably run into various problems but
She’ll definitely become the ideal teacher, somebody that everyone loves~

After I watched the anime
I started thinking about those kind of things, and it filled me with warmth…

Tomorrow is the release date of the character song CDs!
I sang the songs
With the hope that you’ll get to hear another side to the characters
That you don’t see in the anime

So please
Look forward to that too!

Now for a change of topic…

I chanced upon some dandelion fluff
By the roadsides~

Uwahhoo (´ω`)

I found it in a state where the seeds are still attached

So without stopping to think, I took a picture!

Ah, it’s so soothing~ (´ω`)

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