love your live

Toyosaki Aki’s 1st solo concert tour love your live!!

Has now come to an end!

The gratitude I have for all of you whom I’ve met
Will never run out

Thank you so much

In place of the
‘Thanks’ and ‘Love!’
That I’m always writing here
This was an irreplaceable change for me
To send my (thanks) out to you in a different form…

But still
No matter how times I say it it’s never enough

Even if I try to share
All the feelings that are inside me
It’s still not enough

I’m just so full of gratitude

The many feelings and thoughts and things I learned on this tour

The many voices I heard at each venue

All of them
Are my treasures

I love
All of you!!!

When the love your live!! tour
Was first decided
When asked ‘what sort of concert would you like to create’

‘I want to just slowly relax with everyone.
I want to create a healing time, repay everyone by turning my thanks into gentle songs.’

Was my answer

The atmosphere during these lives was a bit different from other lives I did with sphere and so on

I worried about whether I would confuse people
Whether my voice would reach them, whether my feelings would be conveyed…

Mixed in the excitement
Were lots of other emotions

But everyone
Was just so warm
So gentle, so full of love

For myself, this ‘new challenge’
Came along with smiles

More, much more
I’m sure there were people out there
Who were hoping for something a bit livelier

But still, everyone
For this love your live (tour)
Considering various things, different feelings, the love I’ve received

That was
The most important thing that I wanted to say
While I was standing on stage

So many things
I managed to say

This time
I invited all of you
The aim was to give you the present of ‘energy’
Standing on stage, with a smile
Hoping that that smile would connect to the audience members


The very moment I stepped on the stage, the moment I finally got to meet all of you
The sound of applause that greeted the end of each song performed
The smiles & shouts of ‘It’s alright!’ from the band members that greeted me everytime I turned around (to look for reassurance) when I felt nervous

And above all
The smiles I saw on your faces when I smiled

Made me happy, so happy


So many times
I felt like my tears would spill out

Really, truly
Thank you

The gentleness and relaxation
And other things
I hoped I could send to you

It’s too soon for me to say with certainty
That I managed to send my warm love out to you

It would be great if people came out of the live thinking ‘It was fun’ or ‘I’d love to come again’…

Let’s meet up again, definitely

‘To continue’, might seem like something easy
But to tell the truth, it’s really hard

To gain even a few more opportunities
To send my voice out to you this way

I’ll do my absolute best

‘cos I
Love to meet all of you

From now on too
Always, always.

Really, truly
Thank you

All my heart…


Oh, oh and

This blog update
Comes just after the dawn of a new day


I feel a bit relieved and
Scribbling about in my blog at home
I suddenly felt incredibly sleepy…lol

I think I’ll see sweet dreams tonight (´ω`)

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