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All-Night Nippon R Public Recording!

Good evening~ Today Was the release event for LET.ME.DO!! In the form of a public recording for All Night Nippon R! I’ve been told That it’s the largest scale public recording event in seiyuu artist history With 2500 listeners invited!!! … Continue reading

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Hello! Sphere’s 8th single Has been released~!!! Clap clap clap~ This time, It’s a summery, support song*! I hope that it brings cheer and smiles To you, the listener This CD was made with feelings of wanting to shout out … Continue reading

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V Sign

Despite drifting in and out of sleep I managed to watch the World Cup final Nadeshiko Japan Congratulations on winning the Cup!! Uwahoo! Champions! Amaaazing~!!! I’m sure That loads of people will have been encouraged By seeing the determined look … Continue reading

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Oh My God!

Good evening! Today is the release date Of Haru-chan’s single Oh My God~! Congrats On the release I think you can tell by looking at the cover But this time Haru-chan is so cool!!! The song’s really stylish and awesome!!! … Continue reading

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Something somebody said

Good evening~ Tomorrow, Haru-chan’s new single Oh My God goes on sale!!! Everyone Are you ready to get hold of it yet!? I’m already one step ahead of you Having already heard and seen it but… This time Haru-chan is … Continue reading

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Good evening~ The cold water that was served at the restaurant I went for lunch Had a faint hint of lemon in it That lemon flavour was so exquisite that It somehow made me feel happy Howahowa~ (´ω`) It was … Continue reading

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The season of hydrangeas

Good morning Here in Tokyo It’s so hot everyday The hydrangeas that used to be in bloom all over the place Are nowhere to be found And I start to feel that summer is really on its way Oh, And … Continue reading

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