The season of hydrangeas

Good morning

Here in Tokyo
It’s so hot everyday

The hydrangeas that used to be in bloom all over the place
Are nowhere to be found
And I start to feel that summer is really on its way

And today

In the midst of such a season
I suddenly recalled a strange, nostalgic story~…

About a bed of hydrangeas
I stumbled upon during a walk
Back in the days when I was in kindergarten

“How long does it stretch on for?”, I wondered
Counting the hydrangeas one by one
By the time I reached a patch of grass, marking the end of the row of flowers

I had ended up in an open space that looked completely unfamiliar

And connected to that space
Was an old-looking Western-styled house
(When I think of it now, it must have been the house’s garden)
And in the middle was a dark, muddy looking pond
Somehow, that place felt very strange

The plants there were winding
And overflowing with the ‘power of life’

Of course, the hydrangeas
Had long vines and leaves that stretched on
And large buds, the name of which I do not know
The smell of the damp earth hanging in the air
For some reason, I remember this peculiar scene
With much clarity

It wouldn’t be strange to be scared of such places
But somehow, it made me feel at ease

Rather, such places where you can hear the plants rustling in the wind
Make me feel like I’m not alone

And that place ended up becoming one of my favourite spots

When the season for hydrangeas was over
The flowers that acted as my signpost disappeared
And I don’t know when, but I found that I was unable to come across that place again

On top of that, my sister told me
“You’re not allowed to silently slip into that garden”

So i ended up
Never returning to that place

Now that I’ve grown up
I tend to wonder what sort of people would be staying there
Or what that place would be like if I paid a visit now

Recalling such memories during this season
Feels wonderful, doesn’t it~ (´ω`)

This morning, on the road I took to work
I chanced upon a single bunch of hydrangeas in bloom
And that was what triggered my memories

The heat today is excruciating too
But let’s all take care of ourselves and do our best~


♪Today’s humming song
Is Keira no Mori*

*by Youmou to Ohana

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