Something somebody said

Good evening~

Tomorrow, Haru-chan’s new single
Oh My God goes on sale!!!

Are you ready to get hold of it yet!?

I’m already one step ahead of you
Having already heard and seen it but…

This time
Haru-chan is just so, so, so awesome!!

I’ll talk more about it tomorrow…

Look forward to its release☆

Now then

In between jobs today
I wandered around aimlessly and ended up in a bookstore…

I thought I’d pick up Fudge
Which is a magazine that I read regularly
So I went off to the fashion magazines section

Looking around…


On Fudge’s cover
Is Chiba Yusuke*…!

Fudge has two publications
One aimed at women
And a ‘men’s fudge’ aimed at men

This month
The men’s version
Has Chiba Yusuke and ROY on the cover~

I’d just buy the women’s publication without hesitating but

Just for this month
I wavered in front of the two magazines. lol

I mean
There was an interview inside too (´ω`)

And now for a change in topic

From my younger days
The roads I walked along
My favourite movies, the songs I loved
Novels I read when I was still in school

I really liked
Reading interviews with people
Connected to these things

There’s also
The history of music
The history of movies
Things like that

(now that I think of it, those history of art classes I took back in school were really interesting)

Whatever I read, whatever I saw
So many things I wasn’t aware of
So many stories I’d never heard before

Even if I tried thinking about or counting every day for the rest of my life
There’s no way I could ever keep up
With all the ‘drama’ that someone goes through in their life

Getting to know
Such things bit by bit
That ‘feeling’ where I become all giddy & excited
I love that

Lately, there have been many opportunities
For me to put my own voice and words into sound and articles

I too
Hope to bring a similar feeling of giddiness and excitement to someone out there

…or should I say

I WANT to bring that to someone out there

Once again, I’ve been thinking that

I’m gonna do my best

Do your best to fight against the heat too!

See ya tomorrow☆

*Frontman of rock band Thee Michelle Gun Elephant

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