Oh My God!

Good evening!

Today is the release date
Of Haru-chan’s single Oh My God~!

On the release

I think you can tell by looking at the cover
But this time
Haru-chan is so cool!!!

The song’s really stylish and awesome!!!

As for what’s wonderful about it
This song has just so many
Zomizomi points about it~

(A zomizomi point is wheren you listen to something and it makes your heart flutter☆, or when there are points in the song that you keep playing over and over)

Everyone, please listen to the song loads
And let the cool Haru-chan raise your blood pressure (。・ω・。)

By the way
It’s the ending theme for the anime Nekogami Yaoyorozu that I also appear in as Shamo, the God of Poverty~ (´ω`)

Up ’til now
I’ve loved every single version of Haru-chan
That we’ve seen on her singles and albums but

Amongst them
The Haru-chan in the music video this time
Personally, I think she’s so so wonderful~!!!

Haru-chan, singing in a sea of Marshalls

So super cool
Not just the song
But the music video, please pay great attention to it~

I hope Haru-chan’s feelings
Reach as many people as possible…

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