V Sign

Despite drifting in and out of sleep
I managed to watch the World Cup final

Nadeshiko Japan
Congratulations on winning the Cup!!

Champions! Amaaazing~!!!

I’m sure
That loads of people will have been encouraged
By seeing the determined look on the players’ faces

The look of joy on the coach’s face
And her comments of ‘Thanks for staying up to support us in the wee hours of the morning’

Made me feel all fuzzy (´ω`)

It made me think once again
How it’s possible to use one’s own powers
To move someone else’s heart ‘forward’

Shows different expressions on the battlefield
When they’re giving their all

I too
Want to give my best expression as best as I can
I hope I can send everyone cheer and smiles…

So with that
I’m gonna fest it up* at work

Like the athletes
(moving) so many people’s hearts at one time may be difficult but

With the voice and acting work I do daily
Thinking of what I’m going to deliver to ‘your’ ears
I’m gonna do my absolute best (´ω`)


*a phrase borrowed from the Hana Saku Iroha anime

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