Sphere’s 8th single
Has been released~!!!

Clap clap clap~

This time,
It’s a summery, support song*!

I hope that it brings cheer and smiles
To you, the listener

This CD was made with feelings of wanting to shout out (our) encouragement** (to you)!

For the start of a new day
Or for the beginning of anything new
For times of victory, etc etc…

Through this song
‘Let’s fight everytime!’
We want to push you onwards this way

Listen to it loads
And be filled with plenty of happy feelings!

Oh oh!

To commemorate its release
We’re holding an event next weekend!

In a large place called Omiya Sonic
We’ll be doing a recording for All Night Nippon R!!

I’m so looking forward to so many things

But above all
I’m really really really happy
That I’ll get to see all of you

Let’s have lots of fun
Listening to LET.ME.DO!!~


To be able to arrive at this day of release safely
As always, I am filled with gratitude

To everyone who was involved in making (the single)
Thank you very much

To all of you who always support us
Thank you lots


*応援ソング (ouen song), literally translates as ‘song of support’ ie meant to give encouragement
**the word used here is エール (yell)

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