All-Night Nippon R Public Recording!

Good evening~

Was the release event for LET.ME.DO!!
In the form of a public recording for All Night Nippon R!

I’ve been told
That it’s the largest scale public recording event in seiyuu artist history
With 2500 listeners invited!!!

To all of you who stopped by
Who dragged your feet there
Thank you so very much!!!

I can’t really say too much about went on
To avoid spoiling it for those who’ll be tuning in when the show airs but

To summarise
It was really lively

All of the audience members
Were so warm

It made me
Really happy!

Thank you!!!

I mentioned this during the event as well but
The event hall may have been huge
And even if there were 2500 people there

My heart
Is always next to you, always nearby

It’s true for lives
And for normal radio shows too

This ‘far yet near’ feeling I experienced today
Is something important I will continue to talk about
From now on

To those who couldn’t make it today
And to those waiting for the airing
Please look forward to hearing a show that will be close to your heart, making you feel as if you were at the event itself

The broadcast will be on 20th August
And the next time we’ll be gettin’ all lively
Will be on thet 17th of September~

Please do
Check it out

Today, it was thanks to all of you
That I had such a great time

Thank you
So very much!

Oh, oh!

I have someone to give special thanks to today!!

Nippon Broadcasting announcer

Being the narration from the shadows and the voice of the skies

Thanks so very much
For taking time out from your busy schedule
And helping to make the event livelier

I’m full of gratitude

Thank you!

Invite us to MuComi+ again. lol

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