I went to Haru-chan’s tour finale~!!!

Haru-chan’s always sparklingly cute but
The Haru-chan who’s standing on stage
Really shines so brightly!

Thanks for the hard work!


Thanks for the energy and smiles!!!

Today, I was just one of many people who came to Yokohama Pacifico
Who received so much cheer from Haru-chan and her voice

Singing and dancing at the same, it’s like (she’s) Superman but
Haru-chan, who tries harder than anyone else
And put her all into Orange☆Road…

‘I want everyone to have orange-coloured smiles!’
I think that she got her feelings across

Seeing the crowd today, I felt that
And it made my heart glad…

For such a warm and wonderful live
Thank you~

Above everything else, (this live) was just full of Haru-chan
It was so, so funnnnn

To Haru-chan
And the staff members
As well as those who stopped by today

Do get a very good rest (´ω`)

The photo shows
A shot of sphere after the live!

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